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Croatia 3rd Biggest Wine Drinking Country in the World

Croatians leading the way (photo credit: (Vedran Metelko @Basement)

Croatians leading the way (photo credit: Vedran Metelko @Basement)

It is no secret that Croatians love a drop, and now according to research from the Wine Institute, it is confirmed that Croatia are the third biggest wine drinkers in the world…

European nations occupy 14 of the top 15 spots on the The World’s Biggest Wine Drinkers per capita list with Uruguay sneaking in at number 12. Croatia were ranked in 3rd spot only behind the Vatican City and Andorra.

On average Croatians drink an impressive 44.2 litres of wine per person a year. Andorrans on average knock back 46.26 litres a year, whilst the Vatican City residents are downing 54.26 litres a year.

Just behind Croatia is Slovenia with 44.07 litres per person annually, with big wine nations France and Portugal in 5th and 6th place respectively. Italy was ranked in 10th position on the list. Consumption in the United States was at just over 10 litres per person a year.

There were 41,188 winemakers and vineyards which covered 20,885 hectares of land in Croatia in 2015 according to the latest survey conducted by the Croatian Bureau of Statistics.

Credit: Forbes/Wine Institute

Credit: Forbes/Statista

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