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Croatia – 13th Most Expensive Side in Brazil

HNSCroatia is the 13th most valuable squad out of the 32 nations competing at this year’s FIFA World Cup in Brazil, according to a report by Brazilian financial magazine Valor

Spain, with a total squad value of 486.9 milion EUR, will have the most expensive squad, whilst Honduras, whose players are valued at 32.3 million EUR, will have the least valuable squad at this summer’s World Cup.  Behind Spain is Argentina (474.1 million EUR), Brazil (470.2 million EUR), Germany (445.6 million EUR), France (398.6 million EUR), England (354.2 million EUR), Belgium (336.1 million EUR) and Italy (332.4 million EUR). Croatia, whose most expensive player is Real Madrid’s Luka Modrić, is valued at 187 million EUR.

When it comes to Croatia’s opponents in group play, Croatia is second behind Brazil, with Cameroon (133 million EUR) in third and Mexico (68.2 million EUR) fourth. (HNS/ Drago Sopta)

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