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Croat Uncovers Google And Facebook Safety Flaws

A teenage Croatian IT student has been paid more than $4,000 and given entry to the Google Hall of Fame and Facebook White Hat after discovering errors in the Google and Facebook security systems.


Both Google and Facebook have rewarded Josip Franjkovic (18) after he alerted their security teams to the vulnerabilities when both companies opened Vulnerability Reward Programmes to increase the level of security for its users.

Josip discovered three errors, finding a persistent cross site scripting and privilege escalation in Google Consumer Surveys and one Auth BYPASS error. He also discovered a bug on Facebook’s investor site, which led them to find an error in their caching system.

“My hobby is the internet and the safety of web-applications. That is what I want to do in the future. I hope I can get a job in that field,” said Franjkovic.

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