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Croat Stung with Internet Mercedes Benz Purchase

CroatiaA 41-year-old Croat has laid a complaint with the police after paying for a Mercedes he purchased on the internet, but never receiving the car.

The man, from the Dalmatian town of Makarska, came across an advert for the luxury vehicle on the internet, and after contacting the seller, who was in Poland, and agreeing a price, the man deposited a part-payment for the car into the sellers bank account.
Two weeks later and the Croat has not seen the Mercedes or heard from the seller again and police are warning others to beware.

“Due to the advancement of technology and the possibilities of various forms of communication via the Internet, fraud over the Internet is becoming more diverse. Therefore, we advise the public to be careful when purchasing items advertised on the Internet, especially when it comes to cases of substantial material values ​​and the absence of a pre-check to whom the monies is actually being paid to,” said Split Police.

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