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Cosmetic Surgery in Croatia – Who & What..

CroatiaDespite a belief that only the rich get cosmetic surgery done in Croatia, it is actually the middle class who are the number one patients, says the nation’s top cosmetic surgeon Siniša Glumičić…

“Most of the patients are not rich people, they are middle class people. They are people who have a desire to change something on themselves and they will save money or take out a loan to make it happen. Rich people also come, but there are less of them,” Glumičić said during an interview with Tportal, adding that even extremely poor people would also turn up mainly to have nos or ear surgery done.

In Croatia women are still the number one clients, although recently the number of men opting for cosmetic surgery has started to grow. 20 years ago the number of men getting cosmetic surgery done was around 10%, today it has grown to 40%. The most common operation among women is a nose operation and upper eyelids, followed by breast enlargements and liposuction. The number one operation for men is also a nose operation, followed by hair transplants and liposuction.

Glumičić  says that Croatia is still relatively cheap compared to what cosmetic surgeons charge abroad.

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