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Corruption in Business in Croatia: Average Bribe €260

CroatiaCorruption still remains a significant burden for economic development in Croatia, according to a study presented by the Institute of Economics on Wednesday.

The study – Exposure to corruption and crime in the business sector in Croatia: Impact of corruption and other forms of crime on private companies – reveals that businesses rate corruption in Croatia as the third most serious obstacle to business, right behind high taxes and complex tax ​​regulations.

Corruption was detected in 10.7 percent of businesses which in the last 12 months were in contact with public officials, with on average businesses giving 8.8 bribes in the last year. Corruption varied from sector to sector, with the construction industry topping the list.

When it came to the types of bribes which were given, 43.2 percent of bribes were given in food and drink, and 35.7 percent in cash. The average bribe amount was 2,000 kuna (260 EUR) and was most commonly given to speed up processes.

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