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Coronavirus, making bread, most googled searches in Croatia in 2020

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ZAGREB, Dec 13 (Hina) – The most googled term in Croatia this year was “coronavirus” while the most searched recipe was for making bread, Google has said, noting that 2020 will be remembered for the novel virus which has affected all aspects of life and business.

A shortage of leaven and disinfectants during the spring lockdown prompted many Croatians to search for how to make both.

E-pass app more popular than Zoom

Due to the pandemic, the Croatian ePropusnice app, which enabled travel during the lockdown, was more searched than the Zoom app.

Among the top searches in Croatia was also “distance learning”.

The magnitude 5.3 earthquake which struck Zagreb and its environs in March was the most searched event.

After coronavirus, the top searches in Croatia this year were Google Classroom, Office 365 for schools, Zagreb earthquake, Kobe Bryant, ePropusnica (e-pass), U.S. election, Joe Biden, freemasons and DIP (Croatia’s State Election Commission).

The most searched recipes after bread were pancakes, Dalgona coffee, Moussaka, pizza and meatballs.

After ePropusnica, the most searched apps were Zoom, the Andrija COVID-19 app, SuperSport, banking apps and an earthquake app.

‘How to pray the Rosary’ and ‘how to think less’ make how-to top ten

The most searched how-to’s in 2020 were how to make leaven and disinfectants, how to obtain an e-pass, how to make a mask, how an earthquake occurs, how to pray the Rosary, how to make bread, how to whiten eggs, how to vote, and how to think less.

After the Zagreb quake, the most searched event was the U.S. election.


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