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Corona-free island of Rab records 80% of last year’s tourist traffic

The island of Rab still does not have a single recorded case of coronavirus this summer.

Tourists feel safe and the results are very good. In the first two weeks of August, tourist traffic is at 80 percent of what was recorded last year in the same period, HRT reports.

The crystal clear seas around the island Rab has attracted a large number of tourists this year. Despite the pandemic, tourists have arrived on the island from all over Europe and they are not worried at all.

“Rab is a beautiful island, with beautiful beaches, gastronomy. I’m not afraid of the corona, as long as we keep our distance, everything is fine,” – claims German tourist Thomas. 

For now, people in the sector are extremely satisfied with the tourist season on Rab.

Town of Rab

“We are working somewhere with 60 percent of last year’s results and I think that is very good considering the situation, our expectations were much, much lower,” admits Larisa Jaška, owner of the restaurant Astoria.

There are 14,000 tourists currently holidaying in the town of Rab. In the first two weeks of August, 80% of last year’s numbers have been realised. But there is some fear for how the rest of the season will pan out. 

“Of course, there is fear, there has been since the proclamation of the first case of infection in Croatia, if not before, we follow every moment, every press release from the headquarters, we look at the situation in the area – says Ivana Matušan, director of the Tourist Board of Rab.

In Lopar, on the north-eastern part of the island, tourist numbers have also been pleasing with 300,000 overnights passed and currently 7,000 tourists holidaying. But the situation is changing. 

(Photo: TZ Lopar/Petar Lupic)

“We already have information from these slightly larger renters that tourists from Austria have started to cancel slowly, diplomacy will have to do its part, and we on the ground can only hope that there will be no major cancellations,” says Marin Musco, director of the Lopar Tourist Board.

Everyone is hoping that this season, as much as possible, will be pushed to the end.

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