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Control From Brussels: EU Commission to Supervise Croatia

CroatiaAt the start of the summer the European Commission sent a firm message to the Croatian government regarding reforms which it indicated the government needed to implement, now the executive body of the European Union are set to start with formal monitoring and supervision in the upcoming weeks to make sure the reform programme is carried out, writes daily Jutarnji list...

The willingness of Prime Minister Zoran Milanović’s government to implement the recommendations of the Commission will be seen when the draft budget for the coming year is released. The European Commission in June recommended that Croatia fully implement budget measures for this year, and to strengthen the budgetary strategy, announce measures for 2015 and 2016. The Commission also advised Croatia to tighten controls on expenditure, and that by March next year conduct a thorough audit of expenditures.

The EU Commission are seeking Croatia to accelerate the planned movement of the age of retirement for women and men to 67 years, to implement the second stage of labour market reforms, to review tax and social systems, and to present an action plan to improve reintroduction into the labour market of inactive and unemployed persons. The Commission also are asking Croatia to take further measures to improve the business environment in the country, and that by March next year substantially reduce administrative requirements, including para-fiscal levies. Now Brussels will be monitoring and watching over Croatia to make sure those are carried out in the set time frame.

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