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Colour Me Croatian: The “Learn About the Homeland” colouring book

Colour Me Croatian

Souvenirs for adults are easy to come by, but few think of how kids relate to and remember destinations. 

With Colour Me Croatian, the youngsters in your life can learn about Croatian cities, monuments, landmarks, traditions, and culture while sparking their imagination and colouring their hearts out. Each illustration is accompanied by an informative text you can read to them and talk about.

Vukovar Water Tower

The man behind Colour me Croatian is Croatian-Canadian Tom Horvat. He tells us, “Whenever I would visit Croatia, I would always struggle to find souvenirs for my younger nieces and nephews back home. I’d been thinking about creating something myself, something educational and fun, for years. Then when I saw my sister’s youngest drawing the fresh vegetables her mom just bought on Dolac Market during our family visit last summer, carefully scribbling inside the lines she drew on the back of our bill with a pencil someone before us had left on the table at the cafe, I thought—well that’s it, that’s what I should do. Make the kids a colouring book.”

Folk costumes

Some of the landmarks and destinations Horvat included in the book are Zagreb Cathedral, St. Mark’s Church, Vukovar Water Tower, Zadar, Gorski Kotar, Livno, Slavonska Kola, Split, Pula Aren, Croatian folk costumes and many more. 

Pula Arena

Split Riva

A great way to prepare kids for a trip or teach them about their heritage, the book is easy to order and ship anywhere in the world. To order a copy of the colouring book click HERE.

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