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Claims Croatian Hostage in Egypt Killed

tsInternational media are reporting that 30-year-old Croatian hostage Tomislav Salopek, who was kidnapped in Egypt while travelling to work, has been killed…

The Sinai Province of the Islamic State (Isis) have claimed to have beheaded Salopek in Egypt, according to the Independent.

Islamic militants on August 5 posted a video in which Salopek, kneeling in a desert by a masked man holding a knife in his hand, saying he will be killed in 48 hours unless Egypt releases Muslim women allegedly held in Egyptian prisons.

Croatia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Vesna Pusić flew to Cairo last weekend to hold talks with the Egyptian government in an attempt to negotiate Salopek’s release. Croatia’s President also held talks on the phone with authorities in Egypt. Salopek worked for CGG Ardiseis, a French oil and gas company.

On Wednesday afternoon Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanović told reporters at a press conference that the scenes were disturbing, but that they could not 100% confirm that the victim in the photograph published on the internet was Salopek.

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