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Catamaran connecting Split airport and city with Hvar and Brač commences

Catamaran connecting Split airport and cit with islands of Hvar and Brač commences

(Photo: SplitExpress.com)

SPLIT, 2 July 2021 – A fast line catamaran connecting Split airport and city with the islands of Brač and Hvar has commenced. 

The service, which is operated by Adriatic Fast Ferries, commenced on Thursday and will operate through the summer until 15 September. 

“As of July 1st we will for the first time start serving the city of Hvar direct from/to Split Airport and Bol. We will also connect Hvar with Bol and Bol with Split,” Adriatic Fast Ferries said.

The catamaran leaves Bol on the island of Brač at 12:15 before heading to pick up passengers in Hvar port on the island of Hvar where it arrives at 13:05. At 13:20 the catamaran leaves Hvar and heads to Split airport in Resnik where it arrives at 14:35. 

The catamaran leaves Split airport at 16:50 before making its way to Hvar. At 18:25 it leaves Hvar port and heads to Bol on Brač, arriving at 19:15. 

The travel time from Bol on Brač to Split airport is 2 hours and 20 minutes, whilst going direct from Hvar takes 1 hour and 15 minutes. 

“Make sure you have enough time to your flight. Sailings can sometimes be delayed due to weather. Make sure you follow on twitter @splitexpressU for updates in case of unlikely delays,” the company adds.

Daily departures from Split to Bol and Hvar is at 10:50 and return from Bol to Split is 19:30. Duration of the trip is 1 hour to Bol. 

Tickets can be bought on board or with the staff wearing white t-shirts and red ship logo splitexpress. You can also book via their Facebook page splitexpress. 

Split Town to Bol 10:50 arrival 12:00, Bol to Split Town 19:30 arrival 20:30

Split Town to Hvar 10:50 arrival 13:05, Hvar to Split Town 18:25 arrival 20:30 

Hvar to Airport 13:20 arrival 14:35, Airport to Hvar 16:50 arrival 18:10

Bol to Airport 12:15 arrival 14:35, Airport to Bol 16:50 arrival 19:15

Bol to Hvar 12:15 arrival 13:05, Hvar to Bol 18:25 arrival 19:15


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