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Can Dalmatia ever be forgotten?

Can Dalmatia ever be forgotten?

(Photo: Zaboravljena Dalmacija)

Through the 20th century many Dalmatians emigrated in search of a better life. Many houses were left and forgotten, views of cities and villages have changed considerably, but the same happened to streets and squares, customs, as well as people. 

Many smaller places in Zagora and on the islands in Croatia’s Dalmatian region, which used to flourish with life, today remain half empty and the sound of a child crying is almost gone. Life of a contemporary man is busy and tradition values are lost in hives of the modern world. 

“Forgotten Dalmatia” is a story about how it used to be. It reminds us of the fact that we live in one of the prettiest corners of the universe; it approaches you with a photo of an authentic view of Dalmatia from the time back when photography first appeared in the 19th century and all the way until 1940.

Can Dalmatia ever be forgotten

(Photo: Zaboravljena Dalmacija)

The Dalmatian Bible  “Forgotten Dalmatia“ is actually the result of several years of collecting and an exhausting search for rarely preserved postcards of Dalmatia. 

This issue has become so popular that it has had several editions in seven years, travelling to all parts of the world – from South America, USA, Canada, Australia and many European destinations, wherever there is Dalmatian blood flowing through veins. 

With almost 1000 pages, this hardcover luxury monograph is perfect Dalmatian souvenir. By showing 300 Dalmatian villages and cities in the period from the end of the 19th century until 1940, this book is also recognised as a Dalmatian holy grail which should be kept at home for generations to come.


Greeting From a Dalmatia Long Forgotten

You can find out more about the book and how to get hold of a copy on the website www.zaboravljenadalmacija.hr but also by following instagram page @zaboravljena_dalmacija 

You can take the opportunity to purchase the book and get a 20% discount. Details HERE. 

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