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Campo de Croacia Opened in Brazil

HNSCroatian ambassador in Brazil, Drago Štambuk, and mayor of Mata de Sao Joao, Marcelo Oliviera, have opened the training ground to be used by the Croatian national team during the World Cup…

The ground was named Campo de Croacia (Croatian Ground), and is located near the Croatian World Cup base camp, Ecoresort Tivoli. Local dignitaries and state representatives, as well as a couple of hundreds spectators and numerous media representatives, witnessed the ceremony. Ambassador Štambuk expressed his joy over the arrival of the Croatian footballers to the state of Bahia.

“I am impressed with the local hospitality and I am glad to see that people are feeling close to Croatia. The conditions are first-class, and it really is a blessing to have an opportunity to play the World Cup opening match against the host team, Brazil. This match will be one of the biggest events of the year, and allow me to dream of the final match between Croatia and Brazil on July 13th at the Maracana Stadium”, said Štambuk, while commending the high ground quality. FIFA experts declared the ground as the best one of the ten finished grounds.

Ambassador Štambuk and mayor Oliveira discussed the building of the House of Brazilian-Croatian Friendship, and planted the Brazilian sacred tree Pau Brazil to remind of the friendly relations of the two distant, yet close nations. (source: Archive HNS)

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