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Business Hours Should Suit Football World Cup Schedule

CroatiaThe Croatian Employers’ Association (HUP) says that Croatian business owners will be able to decide themselves if they want to adapt their opening hours to coincide with the football World Cup in June and July…

HUP’s statement came after German labour unions last week said that employers needed be flexible during the World Cup period. The time difference between Europe and Brazil will mean that many matches will have late evening kick-off times. Croatian unions agree with their German counterparts and say that those businesses supporting the World Cup need to show leniency towards their workers. HUP has urged those especially in the hospitality industry to work their opening hours around the timings of matches.

“A prudent employer will organise their business’s working hours to make sure that refreshed workers come to work because that will have a positive impact on their performance at work,” said Unionist Krešimir Sever. (pic: Croatian Beer)

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