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Boston’s NPR station on Croatian wines: ‘hot, hot, hot!’

‘Croatian wines are hot, hot, hot!’

BOSTON, 20 August 2019 – Wine from Croatia. It’s hot, hot, hot! Why? A show on Boston, Massachusetts public radio station, WGBH, decided to find out.

Jonathon Alsop, founder and exec director of the Boston Wine School, joins ‘Under the Radar’ host Callie Crossley in introducing Croatian wines to their listeners. 

“Croatia is one of the hottest vacation spots in the world, and so is its signature red wine,” the shows starts as Crossley starts the conversation with “First topic today, wine from Croatia. It’s hot, hot, hot! Why?

Some excerpts from Jonathon Alsop on the show: 

… new grapes, new wine region, new style of winemaking for us. Croatia has a long history of wine making, but we haven’t been a part of that. Now, we are starting to see it on the market. 

… we have some geography to learn, new grape names to pronounce.

… a white wine called Posip – it is like “pause + sip…”  pretty light, zippy, goes well with seafood. 

Posip (Photo: Terra Madre Winery)

…And — Plavac Mali is a signature wine from Croatia whose genetic parent is Zinfandel, people find it a familiar taste.

Plavac Mali (Photo: Terra Madre Winery)

For information on how and where to get Croatian wines in the US, you can visit www.croatianpremiumwine.com 

The wines from the Komarna Appellation, tasted by Callie, Jonathon and Amy on the show, included the whites and reds from the Komarna wineries – Terra Madre Winery, Rizman Winery, and Volarevic Winery.

You can listen to the show here. 

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