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Bike Tourism Key Strategy For Croatia

Croatia’s Minister of Tourism Veljko Ostojic has met the director of the German Bicycle Association for Bavaria to discuss tips about developing “bike” tourism in Croatia, when he attended F.re.e Munich, one of the most important travel fairs in Germany and Europe on Wednesday.

Ostojic has stated that developing “bike” tourism is one of the 10 key products in the governments strategy to develop Croatian tourism to become in the top 20 by 2020. The Minister and Markus Schildhauer discussed standards required for hotels for cyclists and also bike tracks and potential interesting bike destinations in Croatia.

Ostojic also mentioned projects in Croatia aimed at improving cycling infrastructure, such as marking out tracks, GPS navigation and the development of a bike hotel. Schildhauer stated that Germany has 35 million cyclists and that 80% of campers from Germany take bicycles with them, which he considers as huge potential for Croatia.

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