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Big-Hearted Croat has Plea for the Diaspora

KrapinaLast month Croatia Week wrote about retired police officer Mirko Prelčec from the northern Croatian town of Krapina, who had opened a store for the less privileged…

Prelčec (46) is on a mission – he wants to help out those whom everyone has turned their back on – and has done something about it by opening up a charity store recently called ‘Last Hope’, where the contents on the shelves are free. However donations, which the store relies on, have not been forthcoming, and Prelčec says that baskets for donations put in 13 supermarkets around the town have only seen goods to the combined value of 100 USD collected in over 3 months, and just over 50 USD donated on the association’s bank account.

“Those who have don’t give, and those who haven’t – have nothing to give,'” Prelčec told Croatia Week, before appealing to the large Croatian community abroad.

“Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Diaspora! We need help from the Diaspora because Croatia does not have the means. All information can be found on the Facebook page Mirko Prelčec or HU “Posljednja Nada”, or on email: [email protected] .Anything helps and we are very grateful. Thank you.”

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