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Best Pizza in Croatia Named at 2014 Pizza Cup

Croatia1Dejan Plišo from Restaurant O’Hara in the capital Zagreb has won the first ever Pizza Cup in Croatia…

The 2014 Croatia Pizza Cup, which awards the best pizzas in Croatia, was held recently at Hotel Panorama in the northern town of Prelog, and it was Plišo’s tasty number that impressed the judging panel the most.

Winner Dejan Plišo,  (Pic: g.e.t. report)

Winner Dejan Plišo, (Pic: g.e.t. report)

Organised by DG – Sport and G.E.T.- , the aim of first ever Pizza Cup in Croatia was not only to award the country’s best pizzas, but also to educate about quality ingredients and show that pizza is not just ‘junk food’. The judging panel, which consisted of food experts, chefs, and local personalities, had the contestants making two pizzas – a Capricciosa, and one of their choice.

Luca's (Pic: g.e.t. report)

Luca’s (Pic: g.e.t. report)

2014 Croatia Pizza Cup:

1. Restoran O’Hara, Zagreb – Dejan Plišo
2. Pizzeria Pancho & Toro, Sesvete – Davor Žagar
3. Pizzeria Luca’s, Zagreb – Jere Rubelj
4. Konoba-pizzeria Zora Bila, Split – Dane Tahirović
5. Hotel Panorama, Prelog – Mario Lovrek
6. Pizzeria Rošo, Ivanić Grad – Mario Kopejtko
7. Restoran TiM, Zagreb – Zvonimir Igor Jurković
7. Hotel Panorama, Prelog – Ivan Korent
8. Restoran Domenico, Varaždin – Ivica Ivanušec
9. Pivnica Mejaši, Ludbreg – Tomislav Oršić

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