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Bandage Left Inside Woman Diagnosed as Tumor

GauzeA 41-yer-old woman from the Croatian coastal town of Senj is in line for a million kuna payday after a court found a hospital in Rijeka guilty of malpractice after discovering that a roll of mesh bandage had been left inside her stomach for nearly two decades…

If a higher court confirms the District Court’s verdict, then the woman is set to receive more than 100,000 EUR for the ordeal which began in 1988. Then just 15-years-old, the woman went in for surgery and doctors at the Rijeka hospital had mistakenly left a sizeable roll of gauze bandage inside her. Three years later after being in pain and struggling to walk normally, the same hospital diagnosed the gauze as a tumor. 19 years later on the operating table the drama ended for the woman when doctors discovered the gauze, reports daily 24sata.

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