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Bananas Growing for First Time in Zagorje

Bananas are usually grown in countries of the tropics, such as Africa, Latin America, Caribbean and the Pacific, and of course in the northern Croatian region of Zagorje!

Not renowned for it tropical conditions, the first banana plantation in Zagorje, which is located north of Zagreb, is creating some attention. The Groš family from the village of Poznanovec have surprised locals this summer with their bananas which are starting to grow on their land.

“The bananas have started to grow because of the beautiful plant we got from a friend. It is because of the beautiful leaves that they have grown. Our friend did not even know it was a banana plant,” Tanja Groš, the proud owner Zagorje’s first banana plantation, told RTL.

The Groš’ got the plant three years ago and planted it in their garden. Two years later they first saw signs of the bananas starting to grow. With August expected to be hot with a lot of sun, the bananas could possibly be ready to enjoy at the end of summer.

“As the plant gets older it seems the crop get stronger. We have been amazed to see it grow. There is not much work to do around the plants, they love sun and do not mind rain either. Only in the winter we need to protect them and cover them with nylon,” Tanja explained.

Tanja, whose plant should produce around 60 bananas, shared the plant with some friends when she got it so there could be a lot more bananas in Zagorje soon.

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