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Baggizmo Wiseward – Unique Smart Wallet from Croatia

Baggizmo Wiseward

Advanced technological innovation in Baggizmo Wiseward smart wallet provides multiple security of your property.

Baggizmo, a popular start-up, has launched its second Kickstarter campaign. This time it is for a technological product – Baggizmo Wiseward smart wallet.

The wallet is specially designed to improve the security of credit cards and protect personal documents using integrated technology. The technology was entirely developed in Croatia by Baggizmo team lead by Ladislav Juric. The “smart” functionalities of Baggizmo Wiseward prevent the widespread illegal access to the data contactless banking cards and stealing them by means of so-called card skimmers.

Using Bluetooth technology, the Baggizmo smart wallet is connected to a mobile device in order to reduce the possibility of theft and of losing or forgetting it, while a mobile app instantly notifies you that your wallet has moved. Also, an integrated small UV light bulb helps us establish if a banknote we put in the wallet is original or counterfeit.

This Kickstarter campaign aims at a USD35,000.00 investment that will help Baggizmo finish the development of its production tools, begin the production of the first series of smart wallets and launch it into the international market.

As the campaign will be on until 14 July, you will have a month-long opportunity to be among the first buyers of the Baggizmo Wiseward smart wallet in the world. You can get your wallet for USD69.00 or you can support the campaign with USD5.00 donation and by sharing the information on social networks.

Baggizmo Wiseward is intended for urban people – primarily those who adopt new technologies, but also those who want a more secure and more functional wallet that protects its contents from theft. It is ideal for those who keep forgetting where they have left their wallet or cell phone – this product will certainly make their life a little bit easier.

The technology integrated in the clothes and objects we use every day – popularly called “wearable technology” – is the latest achievement of the unstoppable global development of technology. There are indications that the “smart” wearable objects will even replace the mobile communication devices predominantly used today.

In April 2017, IDTechEx announced the research results showing that the wearable technology market will exceed the annual value of USD 150 billion per year by 2027. The up-and-coming Baggizmo is one of the brands that has set out on this hot global race by developing and integrating its own demanding technology into an advanced smart wallet, unique in the global market.

The achievement is all the more impressive given the fact that Baggizmo has no corporate infrastructure at its disposal, but merely a team of a few experts in the company’s R&D department who have developed Baggizmo Wiseward. Having developed its own technology, Baggizmo now has the knowledge and skills that not only guarantee the best user experience and high-quality hardware for the smart wallet, but also serve as the basis for further continual development of electronic and other improvements of this and other future products.

Following its first successful crowdfunding campaign on the U.S. Kickstarter in 2015, this Croatian start-up won the trust of its supporters and users. Having collected USD44,120.00, Baggizmo produced and delivered the first series of design bags enabling a more practical and functional way of carrying electronic devices.

It was this bag that gave impetus for the development of a new product, Baggizmo Wiseward, which is using integrated technology to improve the protection of personal property when carried around by its owner.

Ladislav Jurić, Baggizmo’s founder and CEO, describes the development and functionalities of the Baggizmo Wiseward smart wallet: „The protection of the property we carry in our wallets has become crucial due to the widespread devices (card skimmers) used by individuals to steal one’s personal data or small amounts of money from one’s bank accounts by reading one’s credit cards. We brought together experts for individual areas of security improvement: Ante Medić and Dajgoro Labinac were in charge of the internal electronics development, Plava Tvornica covered mobile applications, and Kristina Volf and Maša Milovac designed the product in order to support the functionalities of the integrated technology and make the product esthetically attractive.

Now, how does the Baggizmo smart wallet actually protects the data on the cards you keep in it? For Baggizmo Wiseward we have developed the integrated RFID protection that fully disables illegal collection of data from contactless bank cards and steeling of data in it. At the same time, the RFID protection is integrated in such way that the wallet contains different sections – those where you keep the cards you want to protect and those where the RFID cards not requiring protection are kept. This way, the cards you use, for example, for opening your garage door or for checking in at your workplace, in subway etc. can be used without actually removing them from your wallet.

Using Bluetooth technology, the Baggizmo smart wallet is connected to a mobile device in order to reduce the possibility of theft and of losing or forgetting it.

If something is happening with your wallet, a mobile app will notify you. For example, if you drop your wallet, the accelerometer integrated in it will detect it and the mobile app will notify you. It also reacts when you exceed certain distance from your wallet – for example, if you have left it at home or at a cash desk or in a bar etc.

The wallet’s location can be detected using a mobile phone. As a PIEZO acoustic pickup is integrated in the wallet, it can “call” its owner with a buzz or some personalized ringtone. Naturally, it also works the other way round: by pressing certain point on your wallet, you notify the app that triggers the sound signal on your cell phone, thus helping you locate it if you have misplaced it in your apartment, office etc.

In the wallet’s inner pocket, in the banknote compartment, there is a small UV light bulb for detection of original banknotes: the UV light helps us establish if a banknote contains protective metal threads, enabling us to tell original banknotes from forged ones. As this has become a significant problem in some countries, the user can verify if a banknote is original as soon as he receives it during a transaction etc. and can react accordingly if necessary.

The batteries for Baggizmo Wiseward can be recharged by wireless chargers (Qi standard). An RGB LED light integrated in the wallet enables the user to illuminate the wallet’s interior with a color of their choice. Also integrated in the wallet are a magnetic sensor that can detect opening of the wallet and an NFP chip that can easily be programmed with your cell phone. Additionally, the mobile app itself enables some other interesting personalization and control options.”

“Baggizmo Wiseward is the first smart wallet in the world with multiple aspects of protection integrated in it. None of our competitors’ products has UV or RGB LED lights, accelerometer (for detecting that the wallet has been dropped) or magnetic sensor (signaling that the wallet is open etc.). Another aspect that makes our product different from the competition is the fact that we redesigned the classical and most popular b-fold model, making it better laid out and more functional, as well as interesting and modern. We used only environmentally-friendly materials of attractive colors and textures. Our wallets come in two different colors and/or with two different textures, enabling them to fit in different fashion styles. While it may not have similarities with the Baggizmo bag in its appearance, Baggizmo Wiseward certainly has them in terms of its design and approach to its production. Besides, it fits in one of the Baggizmo bag compartments earlier designed particularly for the purpose. All this makes the Baggizmo Wiseward smart wallet unique in the global market” – said Izvorka Jurić, Baggizmo’s product development and branding manager.

Check out the more details about the crowdfunding campaign here.

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