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Average Salaries at Lowest Level Since 2012

CroatiaThe average monthly take-home wage in Croatia is now 5,266 (693 euros), the lowest it has been since 2012, according to portal MojPosao...

Since the second quarter of 2012, when the average net pay in Croatia was 553 kuna (73 euros) more than it is today, there has been a consistent drop in the average salary of the country, barring two stagnant quarters in 2013.

Besides top-level management, where the average net salary is 121% more than the average wage in the country, the most well paid sector is in technology and development (79% higher than the average), followed by telecommunications (41% higher). The lowest paid sectors include assistants (42% below average), and those is the textiles and leather manufacturing industry (41% lower).

When looking regionally, salaries in the capital Zagreb were on average 14% above the national average. The statistics also show that men on average earn 9% more than women, up 1% from the first quarter in 2014.

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