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Authentic Croatian High Heels with Traditional Prints

Nikolina Poropat and her high heels (Photo: NinaNina Fashion)

Nikolina Poropat, a designer from the Croatian town of Rovinj who has been living and working in Zagreb for the last few years, has released a new collection of high heels.

After creating shoes with various prints which have been popular all over the region, Nikolina has decided to come out with a range of high heels with completely different patterns, including heels inspired by traditional Croatian lace and Bosnian rugs.

Nikolina offers a range of prints, with women only having to select which type of high heel they want.

(Photo: NinaNina Fashion)

“The shoes that I have been working so far have been a real hit among women and men, but I missed creating a shoe that would give women extra beauty. That’s a high heel. There are different prints available on the leather, but judging by first reactions, the lace, and the Bosnian rug inspired prints will be will be real hits,” said Nikolina, who as a young girl dreamed of becoming a designer.

Nikolina (Photo: NinaNina Fashion)

Nikolina, who hopes who high heels will be available in the shops soon, says she would notice when looking down at women’s feet that most people wore black, grey, or brown heels.

(Photo: NinaNina Fashion)

“When something changes we need to change it from the root, and our feet are our root and that’s why I said I would start from where we make the first decisions, more precisely the first steps,” Nikolina said.

(Photo: NinaNina Fashion)

(Photo: NinaNina Fashion)

Nikolina’s shoes, which are under the brand NinaNina Fashion, can now be ordered only through Instagram and Facebook.

(Photo: NinaNina Fashion)

Nina’s high heels are an authentic Croatian product. All the shoes are made of calfskin and the prints on the skin are done by a special secret procedure.

You can follow NinaNina Fashion on Facebook or Instagram.

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