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Ashley Colburn Back For Another Taste Of Croatia

Emmy award-winning American producer Ashley Colburn is back in the country she loves – Croatia. The star behind the hugely successful travel documentaries “WOW Croatia” and “Wonders of Croatia”, has joined up with the crew at Taste of Adriatic where she is eating and drinking her way around the region of Istria in Croatia’s north-west. It is not just a holiday though for the vibrant double-Emmy award winner.

“On the Taste of Adriatic Tours I am scouting for filming a cooking show pilot in Istria. Taste of Adriatic asked me to join them to see the importance of agritourism and the special foods in which Istria is known for,” Colburn told Croatia Week, before adding.

“On the tour I hope to deeply understanding the importance of food and how Istria guarantees and keeps a high quality standard that is top-notch and recognizable worldwide. I will be focusing on uncovering the unique foods that many people would not be aware of around the world. My show will focus on from the field to the plate, interacting with the locals and working with them in their kitchen. I will focus only on organic cuisine as I feel there is not a show like this. I have focused so many shows on travel and tourism, but really food is often seen as the best way to travel and the reason many people do travel. I want to share the stories of products from Kvarner and Istria in this first episode and then hope to continue the series around the world,” concluded Colburn.

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