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91 Doctors Gone Overseas, 600 Waiting Since EU Entry

CroatiaCroatia marked one year as the 28th member state of the European Union this week, and one sector in the country poorer for Croatia’s membership is the health sector…

Since Croatia joined the EU 91 doctors employed in the hospital system have fled abroad, with another 600 waiting to leave, reports index.hr. The average age of medical professionals leaving Croatia to work overseas is 41, with 77% under the age of 45, and nearly 50% between the ages of 35 and 45. Anesthetists (20%) dominate those departing, followed by interns (16.5%), gynecologists (10%) and radiologists (6.5%).

“What is particularly worrying is the these departures could go on, because in one year since Croatia’s membership in the EU, 600 Croatian doctors have completed the necessary documentation to go and work abroad”, said the Croatian Association of Hospital Patients (HUBOL).

The most population destination currently for doctors leaving Croatia is Germany (31%), followed by Sweden (14%), Ireland (14%) and the UK (13%). A lot of doctors blame the chaotic health system for wanting to leave and work overseas, a move that is costing the state millions of kuna.

“I am in negotiations with a hospital in Ireland. Although I have worked in Croatia for more than 20 years, the health system is in such a chaotic state that I no longer want to work here anymore,” one doctor told index.hr.


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