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5 Reasons Why you Need to Visit Little Picnic

Little Picnic in Zagreb's Upper Town

Little Picnic in Zagreb’s Upper Town

Once a week, Upper Town Vranyczany’s Lea turns into pleasant oasis for summer refreshment of both locals and tourists, offering tempting gourmet attractions. Thanks to Little Picnic, now you can rally take your time exploring Upper Town nooks while casually enjoying interesting meals a midst Upper Town ambiance.

During Little Picnic you can taste “food from the source”, discover small, local growers and get to know reach gourmet traditions of local area. On top of that, you can relax on picnic blankets with the view to city panorama and enjoy refreshments offered by local farmers.

Ahead of Wednesday’s Little Picnic we’ve listed five reasons why we don’t miss not even one:

Wines, and honest too

Everybody know that wine is “must have” of every picnic, and Upper Town picnic caters only specially honest wines. Matković Honest Wines are inspired by mall, never uttered truths that are, just like their wines, at their best on top of your tongue. Honest at Little Picnic are cuvée, pinot noir, local frankovka, frankovka barrique, cabernet frank, local silvanac, and finally chardonnay and rosé.


Cheese delicacies

You don’t skip cheese with wine, especially not delicacies. During Little Picnic you can taste fresh, mature, cooked and smoked cheeses, as well as spicy and mouldy cheeses, and goat- or cow-milk cheeses from small family dairy farm Horizon in Koprivnica. Real delicacies that you can not find in regular shops.


Home-made bread as it once was

There is no shortage of real, home-made bread at Little Picnic. Thanks to Bubnjić Family Farm here you can taste bread “as it once was” – made of whole wheat, corn or hemp flour freshly grind on stone mill and baked in traditional bread furnace. For Little Picnic Iris and Branimir each time prepare, with lots of love, unleavened bread made by 1000 years old recipe.


Vegetable cocktails

At Little Picnic you can taste not only mint, rosemary, aloe vera or lemongrass enriched water, but also Raw Smooth Superfood smoothies made of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables supplied by Zdenka Dodig’s Organic Farm, with some cold pressed oils, nuts and spices. We’ll also have real cocktails soon!


Romantic atmosphere

Munching delicacies was never nicer on picnic blankets with the view to city panorama, and with some good old jazz record playing in background. Informal and romantic exterior with picnic blankets, hanging urns, lamps and candles perfectly fits into Upper Town ambiance and turns Vranyczany’s Lea into sweetest picnic spot in town.


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