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5 Foods You Must Try in Istria

Truffles (photo: Zigante)

By Iva Ralica

Every region in Croatia has its delicious specialities that make the taste buds dance with joy.

The beautiful Istria peninsula with its Mediterranean, and at the same time continental side, offers a great choice for a real gourmet pleasure. Here is a (too) short list of five foods you should try whilst there.


Kapešante (photo credit: blog.coloursofistria.com)

Kapešante is the Istrian word for a famous Saint-Jacques Shell or scallops and are one of the famous specialities of this area, along with the other sea delicacy. It is said to be one of the tastiest because in Novigrad maritime zone saltwater is mixed with the one from the river. Virgin olive oil and homemade bread make this specialty simple and unique.



Another word – Istrian pasta. They are made of flour and eggs and are easily prepared, pljukanci by rubbing between palms and fusi by cutting into strips cut diagonally and placed over each other. They taste delicious with stew ( Istrian žgvacet), mushrooms, truffles or simply with olive oil and cheese.


Fritaja with wild asparagus (photo credit: blog.coloursofistria.com)

A simple meal prepared with eggs and asparagus, and with traditional pršut or panceta and homemade bread on the side is one of the best known Istrian dishes. Asparagus are plants that grow in coastal parts of Croatia, mainly in Istria and are well known thanks to their aromatic and somewhat bitterish flavour.


Truffles (photo: Zigante)

The diamond of the kitchen, a subterranean fungus of a unique taste is a real gourman treasure of Istria. Its aromatic flavour is best felt with Istrian pasta, fish, steak or even as an icecream. A special experience is also a cake made of chocolate, truffles and olive oil.


Boškarin meat (photo credit: Twitter / iamalanp)

For the meat lovers, Istria offers a real gourmet delicacy, meat of a grey long horned cattle prepared as a stew, boškarin carpaccio or as a steak. It is usually served with Istrian pasta.

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