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462-metre pedestrian suspension bridge over the Krka River set to be popular tourist attraction

Plans of the suspension bridge (Photo: Krka NP)

15 January 2019 – A new tourist attraction is set to be built at the popular Krka National Park in Croatia. 

A pedestrian suspension bridge over the Krka River Canyon connecting the medieval fortresses Nečven and Trošenj is to be built with the plans presented on Tuesday by the National Park. 

The beautiful Krka River springs near Knin, under the Topoljski slap waterfall, and after flowing 72.5 km, drains into the Adriatic Sea at Šibenik.

The Krka River flows through the Dalmatian region between the plateau of the Čikola River and the Dalmatian Zagora region. The freshwater course of the Krka is fed by five tributaries: Krčić, Kosovčica, Orašnica, Butišnica and the Čikola with the Vrba River, while the submerged part of the mouth is fed by the Guduča River. 

Thanks to the constant process of travertine-building, the Krka River is a karst phenomenon that is nature’s priceless gift to man. 

The new bridge over the Krka River Canyon, which will connect the medieval fortresses Nečven and Trošenj, will be 462.5 metres long and will be the third longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world. 

(Photo: Krka NP)

“I’m sure this pedestrian bridge is the crowning investment in projects that make this area attractive and encourage its development. It will represent the turnaround point, after which the development of the areas of Promine and Kistanje, as well as the towns of Drniš and Knin and Ervenik will surely gather pace,” Krka National Park director Krešimir Šakić said, adding that care in preserving the park’s natural values was taken in the planning and design of the bridge.  

(Photo: Krka NP)

“The bridge will be a tourist attraction with its fascinating views of the Krka canyon and Nečven and Trošenj Fortresses without causing any burden on the underlying phenomenon,” he added. 

The bridge is conceived to combine the function as a pedestrian path and a lookout point in untouched nature. Due to better fit in the landscape, the relatively lightweight structure of the hanging pedestrian bridge was imposed as an optimal solution. The bridge was designed by Zagreb company BLOK with the anticipated width of the pedestrian walkway being 160 cm, which corresponds to the full width of the pedestrian path with two walking lanes.

(Photo: Krka NP)
(Photo: Krka NP)

In the middle of the bridge, pedestrians will be 140 metres above the Krka River. 

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