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3,500 Croats Who Have a Made an Impact Abroad in Online Book


A lexicon of more than 3,500 Croats who have made an impact in the diaspora has been made available online…

Lexicon: Croatian Emigrants and Minorities, which is a project of the Ivo Pilar Institute and the Croatian Heritage Foundation, has 12,450 entries on 1,100 pages and features more than 3,500 of the most important people in the diaspora and Croatian communities in Austria, Hungary and other countries around the world.

The lexicon, which this week was made available free online, features hundreds of Croats from mainly Dalmatia who left their birthplace and made an impact in their new adopted countries.

Biographies in the lexicon include the likes of Split-born biologist and Richard Lounsbery award-winner Miroslav Radman, who made an impact in France, painters Charles Bilich, Jozo Kljaković and Juraj Plančić, the Lukšić family from Brač, who are one of Latin America’s wealthiest families, succesful US physicist Marin Soljačić, and sportsmen Joe Šimunić and Joe Sakić.

You can access the lexicon here.

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