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31,683 Foreigners living In Croatia This Year

There are 31,683 foreigners living in Croatia this year, be it on temporary permits or long-term residency visas, according to data presented in the Croatian parliament yesterday by Deputy Internal Affairs Minister Evelin Tonkovic.

The Croatian parliament were debating a change in the law governing foreign nationals in Croatia. Croatia is set to bring their laws into line with European standards relating to the return of illegal residents residing in Croatia from third world countries. Upon Croatia’s accession to the EU on 1 July, resident cards for foreign nationals from within the European economic zone will be issued. The cards will hold biometric data.

Also discussed in parliament on Wednesday were new laws concerning the issuance of a new special passport for foreigners who are not able to obtain a national passport, conditions pertaining to residency permits and work permits for self-employed foreigners in trades in Croatia, and the issuance of ID cards to Croatians living abroad who own real estate in Croatia.

Tonkovic also revealed that this year there were 3,926 people who were living illegally in Croatia, with 4 people being granted asylum.

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