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20,000 Apartments To Be Sold Cheap In Croatia

There are around 20,000 unsold newly built apartments in Croatia and its Minister of Construction has announced that they will be put on sale at a reduced price, thanks to a government initiative.

Anka Mrak Taritas said that the government will help developers out via the POS plus initiative which they hope will solve the problem of thousands of unsold new apartment blocks in the country.

Empty apartments will go on sale from the end of April at a reduced price thanks to a government injection. For example, a 60m2 apartment with a market value of 66,000 euros (1,100 euros per square metre) will cost buyers 19,800 less under the POS programme. Instead of paying 316 euros a month in mortgage payments to the bank, buyers will pay 261 euros per month, reported Vecernji list.

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