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146 Private Planes Registered in Croatia

pjetThere are 399 civilian aircrafts registered in Croatia. The most popular are Cessnas, followed by Pipers…

According to the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency there have been 13 aircraft accidents this year, with 7 fatalities, reports daily Vecernji list. There has been a significant increase in the number of civilian aircrafts registered in Croatia, with 399 now registered in the country. The list includes planes and helicopters, with a large number owned by individuals or clubs.

According to the registry data, 146 planes are owned by individuals and the list features a number of planes worth a few hundred thousand dollars plus, including a Piper PA-31 T1 Cheyenne, Piper PA-23-250, Cessna 551 Citation II and one of the most expensive private jets registered in Croatia the Cessna 525 Citation Jet.

Cessnas were the most popular planes among Croats, with 77 registered. Next were Pipers (25). There were a total of 16 helicopters registered.

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