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10 Things The Germans Need To Know About Croatia

‘Getting to know Croatia’ articles in the media in EU member states have been coming in thick and fast these past couple days as Croatia joins the EU, with the latest coming in Germany’s Bild publication. The popular German tabloid have decided to educate its readers with 10 things about Croatia that perhaps were unknown.

On top of the list was the necktie. – Croatia is the home of the necktie. For centuries women, as a sign of love and fidelity, tied handkerchiefs around the necks of their loved ones as they went to war. Croatian soldiers, who fought in the 30-year war (1618-1648) on the French side, bought the tie to Europe – writes Bild.

Also on Bild’s list was the Dalmatian dog, Ivan Vucetic, the Hvar-born Argentine anthropologist and police official who pioneered the use of fingerprinting, Marco Polo, Winnetou, award-winning cartoonist Dusan Vukotic and stonemason Marin from the Croatian island of Rab who founded the country San Marino. Bild adds that Croatia is made up of 90% catholics with its main industries being tourism and ship building.

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