Welcome Croatia – Bringing Croatia To The British


Croatia will be in the spotlight from January to June 2013 thanks to Welcome Croatia, a festival of events to bring Croatia to the British public.

On 1 July 2013 Croatia is expecting to join the EU, but it has always been in the heart of Europe, with a history and culture going back to Roman times.

Croatia is best known in the UK as a wonderful place for a holiday. Welcome Croatia aims to present other aspects of Croatia’s rich culture, history and artistic life.

Welcome Croatia was launched in London on 10 January 2013 by the Croatian Minister of Culture, Andrea Zlatar Violić. The first event is The UK/Croatia Extra/ordinary design workshops, an exhibition built on the collaboration between British Council, the Royal College of Art and the design community in Croatia.

As the Minister of Culture Zlatar Violić in her opening remark of the exhibition said “Art can reach places that traditional diplomacy cannot”.

There will be events every month until July, including a photographic competition/exhibition, a film festival, participation in the London Book Fair, a major archaeological conference, lectures, seminars, round-tables, exhibitions and much more.

President Ivo Josipović of Croatia, himself a composer and musicologist, in his letter of support has warmly welcomed the festival saying: The truly rich programme that you are planning…will show that, in spite of their historical differences, the United Kingdom and Croatia have very much in common.

4 comments on “Welcome Croatia – Bringing Croatia To The British

  1. Peter Elborn says:

    Someone at the opening of this exhibition asked to name the most important living or dead Croats? Living seemed to be mostly spots people, and dead mostly scientists or academics, but there must be lots more. Any suggestions? Peter

  2. Mario says:

    2 cellos – music, Marin Soljacic – wireless energy inventor, Goran Visnjic hollywood actor, Mate Rimac – first electric car inventor, Mike Grgic – services to wine making.

  3. Anglea22 says:

    The guy who invented the pen..penkala..and Eric Bana:)

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