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[VIDEO] Croatian-Style Donut Business in Australia Touches Hearts with Job Opportunities for Youngsters with Special Needs

Owner Danijela Vrkić with Krofne employer (photo: Krofne Facebook)

A small family business in the Australian capital Canberra which serves Croatian-style donuts has touched hearts downunder after a story made the national news.

Krofne, named after the Croatian donuts ‘krofne’, gives paid employment opportunities to teenagers and young adults with special needs.

(photo: Krofne Facebook)

The workers with disabilities are involved in preparing the donuts which are made from a family recipe from Croatia.

Krofne owner Danijela Vrkić says the workers are just as reliable and capable as any other employee.

“They just don’t get a fair chance, and we want to provide that opportunity for them”, she told 9 News.

Watch the TV news report about Krofne in the video below.

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