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Tourists Warned About New Big Fines on Hvar Island

First step in returning some civilised behaviour to Hvar (Photo: CC/Teo Jeličić)

The Croatian island of Hvar has been in the news recently thanks to the increasing number of rowdy tourists turning the classy destination into a boozed-up free-for-all.

When Rikardo Novak was elected the new mayor of Hvar weeks ago, he vowed to tackle the problem head on and return the island to its classier days as a destination.

Fed-up locals have been complaining of revellers to the island going overboard and wrecking havoc over the town with a culture of over-indulgence in sex, drugs, and booze.

Hvar (Photo: CC)

Vomiting around the town, urinating in rubbish bins and having sex in public spots is just some of the behaviour which has fed locals up.

In Novak’s first step in making sure Hvar does not soon turn into another Magaluf in Spain, he has introduced a set of fines for behaviour around the town.

Walking around half-naked will now be punished with a hefty fine – 500-600 euros – whilst drinking in public places will attract a 700 euro fine.

The new sign in town explaining the new fines (Photo: Teo Jeličić/ Zveljarin)

The Town of Hvar has erected a board so all tourists are aware of the new rules in town.

“Save your money and enjoy Hvar” the sign reads.

The heavy fines are to act as a deterrent and time will tell if they have an impact as the season is set to enter its peak. If not, then Novak may have to look at the party boats and enforcing various other restrictions.

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