Zagreb named Europe's 2nd greenest capital city Green space improves air quality and is associated with longer life expectancy. They can also help keep cities cool in the heat. Based on data of how much urban areas are covered in green space, water and wetlands, the European Environment Agency have revealed the 10 greenest capitals in Europe. Croatia’s capital Zagreb, which is renowned for its numerous parks, forrest and lakes, is ranked second on the list with 72 % of its urban areas covered in green space, water and wetlands. Topping the list was Norway’s capital Oslo with 74%. Here are Europe's 10 greenest capitals according to the European Environment Agency. 10 Lisbon 48% 9 Tallinn 50% 8 Berlin 51% 7 Bern 53% 6 Madrid 53% 5 Vilnius 57% 4 Helsinki 62% 3 Ljubljana 67% 2 Zagreb 72 % 1 Oslo 74% Zagreb’s top parks Maksimir Park - Maksimir is the oldest public park and one of the nicest places in Zagreb. Cmrok - is in the northern part of Zagreb, on the slopes of Medvednica mountain. Zrinjevac, Strossmayer Square & Tomislavac - are located in a row between Zagreb’s main square and Glavni kolodvor – the main railway station. Ribnjak Park - is situated just five minutes walk from Ban Jelačić Square, the park comprises the western part of the neighborhood of Ribnjak. Bundek - is located in Novi Zagreb north of Zapruđe and Središće neighborhoods Zagreb Botanical Garden - is located at Marulić square in the city center and was founded in 1889. Jarun - is a 2km long artificial lake surrounded by cycling tracks, a promenade, forests and parks.

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