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Zagreb city cemeteries: Funerals to be attended by family only

Mirogoj (Photo: Sandra Tralic)

ZAGREB, March 16 (Hina) – City Cemeteries Zagreb issued a recommendation on Monday that funerals should be attended by family only, and that condolences should be offered with a bow.

“We recommend that funerals should be arranged within the family circle, that is, that they should be attended by the smallest number of people possible so that all risk contacts among people could be avoided, in consideration of the coronavirus pandemic,” it was stated in the City Cemeteries’ press release.

They added that all hygienic and sanitary measures for the protection of their employees and citizens from possible infection or transmission of the coronavirus were adopted in accordance with the recommendations issued by the National Civil Protection Authority.

“We have provided funeral homes at all of the 28 city cemeteries with hand sanitisers, all areas of the cemeteries and the crematorium are disinfected multiple times a day, as well as the objects used during memorial services and funerals,” the press release reads.

They recommend that citizens offer condolences with a bow, without handshakes or other physical contact, and that they keep at a physical distance over one meter at all times.

The City Cemeteries ask that citizens conduct all business with them online, in order to minimise unnecessary physical contact with their employees. If they come to City Cemeteries’ offices, citizens are asked to adhere to recommended precautions and measures for protecting public health.

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