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World’s most powerful passports in 2023: Croatia 18th equal

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The world’s best passports to hold in 2023 have been revealed in the latest Henley Passport Index released today. 

The Henley Passport Index used data from the International Air Transport Association for its measurements, covering 199 passports and 227 travel destinations.

Japan has the most powerful passport with its citizens able to visit visa-free 193 of the 227 destinations. 

Singapore has dropped to second place and shares that spot with South Korea with visa-free travel to 192 destinations. 

Germany and Spain were joint third with 190 visa-free destinations, followed by Finland, Italy, Luxembourg and Austria.  

The Croatian passport is ranked 18th in 2023 with visa-free travel to 174 destinations.

The United Arab Emirates has jumped 49 places over the past ten years with 178 visa-free destinations.

Down at the bottom is Afghanistan with a score of just 27. Henley said the difference of 166 destinations between it and Japan is the widest global mobility gap in the index’s 18-year history. 

Henley Index Most Powerful Passports in 2023

1.  Japan (193 countries visa-free)

2.  Singapore, South Korea (192)

3.  Germany, Spain (190)

4.  Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria (189)

5.  Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, France (188)

6.  Ireland, Portugal, United Kingdom (187)

7.  Belgium, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, United States (186)

8.  Australia, Canada, Greece, Malta (185)

9.  Hungary, Poland (184)

10.  Lithuania, Slovakia (183)

18.  Croatia (174)

Henley Index Least Powerful Passports in 2023

102.  North Korea (40 destinations)

103.  Nepal, Palestinian territory (38 destinations)

104.  Somalia (35 destinations)

105.  Yemen (34 destinations)

106.  Pakistan (32 destinations)

107.  Syria (30 destinations)

108.  Iraq (29 destinations)

109.  Afghanistan (27 destinations)

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