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World Premiere of 1990s Patriotic Croatian Music Doco

The world premiere of a new documentary film from award-winning author Miroslav Sikavica about Croatian patriotic songs during the Homeland War will screen at the Motovun Film Festival.

The premiere of ‘Glasnije od oružja’ (Louder than weapons) will take place on Wednesday, 26 July in Motovun.

“The lyrics of a number of songs such as Stop the War in Croatia, Hrvatine, Čavoglave, and Bože čuvaj Hrvatsku are often remembered with a lump in the throat. The war in the 1990s was marked by bombs, planes, rifles, and tanks that did not only remain on the battlefield but entered our everyday lives through radio and television through lyrics that each described the nightmare they were in, while others confirmed their political loyalty”, the press release states.

“During that time a number of bands, singers and composers dedicated their music to lift the morale in the country, and the national radio-television regarded songs as an important form of the political fight, and ordered, financed, recorded and intensively broadcasted them. Twenty years after the end of the Homeland War, the soundtrack still attracts attention, emotions, and controversy.”

The film ‘Glasnije od oružja’, which was produced by FACTUM, reveals a detailed study of Croatian music in the 1990s and will be shown on the main square during the Motovun Film Festival on 26 July 2017.

More details about the Motovun Film Festival HERE

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