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World Cup 2018: Croatia to Wear Lucky Black Kit Again in Quarterfinal

Croatia’s kit for the quarterfinal ready to go (HNS)

For the fourth time in a row at the World Cup, Croatia will play in their black and navy blue kit on Saturday.

Croatia will be wearing their alternate kit again in Sochi in their quarterfinal against Russia, with the Croatian Football Federation giving fans a glimpse of the kit for tomorrow’s match.

Croatia opened the tournament against Nigeria in their famous red and white checkers but since then have only played in their popular new alternate kit, which is sold out already in a number of places.

Red and white checkers made just one appearance in Russia so far (HNS)

FIFA’s strict policy when it comes to colour-clashing kits means Croatia must wear their alternate kit as Russia play in either red or white.

If Croatia beats Russia on Saturday and advances to the semi-final, a match-up with England would mean Croatia would play in black and navy blue again. The red and white checkers would return if Sweden goes through.


The new kit has been lucky since it was introduced during the team’s US tour in March. In six matches in the black and navy blue kit, Croatia has won 5 (Mexico, Senegal, Argentina, Iceland, Denmark) and lost just once (Peru).


In 1998 when Croatia went on their amazing run and finished third, they never lost wearing their alternate blue kit with wins over Romania, Germany and Holland.

Croatia plays Russia in Sochi at 8 pm CET on Saturday 7 July 2018.


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