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Winter Olympics 2018: Croatia Parades at Opening Ceremony in South Korea

Natko Zrncic Dim leads Croatia out (Screenshot/HRT)

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games has opened with an impressive ceremony at the Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium in South Korea.

The opening ceremony included three segments. The first artistic segment, titled Countdown, featured five children beginning their time travel on a quest of peace.

This second segment – Land of Peace – was an array of elaborate puppets and dancers whilst the third segment was Taeguk: Harmony of the Cosmos which represented the turmoil of Korean history.

The Croatian team at the opening tonight (Photo: HOO/Petra Nosso)

All 92 nations participating in this year’s Games paraded around the Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium with Croatia led out by their flag bearer Natko Zrncic Dim.

The 32-year-old Alpine skier became the 8th flag bearer for Croatia at a Winter Olympic Games.

Zrncic Dim is the oldest member of the 20-strong Croatian team which will take part in the competition.

20 Croatians will compete in four sports at this year’s games, the highest number of Croatian athletes competing in a winter Olympic Games since the 2006 Olympics in Turin.

Croatian Team:

Alpine Skiing – Leona Popovic, Ida Stimac, Andrea Komsic, Lana Zbasnik Natko Zrncic Dim, Filip Zubcic, Matej Vidovic, Istok Rodes, Elias Kolega, Samuel Kolega

Bobsleigh – Drazen Silic, Benedikt Nikpalj, Mate Mezulic, Antonio Zelic, Đulijano Koludra

Cross-Country Skiing – Vedrana Malec, Gabrijela Skender Edi Dadic, Kresimir Crnkovic

Luge – Daria Obratov

Croatian bobsleigh team (Screenshot)

Check out video of Croatia’s entrance at the opening ceremony here.

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