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Winds in Croatia: Južina and its powers

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by Iva Ralica

Croatia, especially the coastal part, is renowned for its various types of winds. Winds are taken seriously in Croatia and can have an effect on physical and mental health. 

The common winds you have in Croatia include the famous cold north-easterly bura, the maestral, which comes in from the sea and blows from the north-west, the tramontana, common on the northern coast and in Istria and the jugo, or južina.

This wind is credited for bringing out the worst and is widely believed in Croatia to be responsible for bad moods, nausea, migraines, and a lack of concentration.

There is even a common urban myth in Croatia which says that, back in ancient times, južina was accepted by the courts as a mitigating factor in defence lighter sentences were even given to those who committed crimes whilst this wind was blowing.

Južina arises from a warm, dry, tropical airmass that is pulled by low-pressure cells moving eastward across the Mediterranean Sea. The wind originates in the Arabian or Sahara deserts. The hotter, drier continental air mixes with the cooler, wetter air of the maritime cyclone, and the counter-clockwise circulation of the low propels the mixed air across Dalmatian coast. 

Winds in Croatia: Juzina

Windy day on the Croatian coast

The južina wind, however, is not exclusive to the coast and can reach even continental parts of the country, depending on the depth of the cyclone.

Studies have shown that the weather really does affect humans’ health and mood. This was partially confirmed by many scientists, recently those of the Manchester University in a study Cloudy with a Chance of Pain. 

The južina is even responsible for a rare phenomenon of bending the peak of Croatia’s most famous beach, Zlatni rat. The beach returns to its usual shape in a couple of days once the Južina subsides.

Those who have not experienced it may laugh about it, but people that live near the sea in Croatia will vouch for it.

Whilst there are no secret remedies to take when the južina is blowing in full, some things which can help including eating leafy green vegetables, drinking camomile tea, tinctures and taking vitamin C.  

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