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Where Will Croats Still Need Passports After EU Entry?

With Croatia just days away from joining the European Union there are plenty of changes in store. One of those changes will be what documents Croatians travelling within the EU will have to show at border controls.

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs have confirmed that all Croatian citizens from 1 July will be able to enter all EU member states, regardless of their schengen status, with just ID cards.

“Croatian citizens will be able with ID cards travel to all EU member states, but for Norway, Island, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, passports will still be required,” said the Ministry to Dnevnik.hr. From 1 July there will no longer be customs at border crossings with EU states, but police will remain in place at borders until all conditions are met from Croatia to enter the Schengen area. Croatia is expected to join the Schengen area in two years.

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