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Where to Get the Best Burek in Town?

Burek on Dolac

By Iva Ralica

If you are visiting the Croatian capital and you are looking for a burek fix, you will not be short on places to satisfy your craving.

Zagreb is not short of bakeries, and there is probably more chance of winning the lottery, twice, than finding a bakery which does not sell burek.

Although technically not an originally Croatian speciality, it is the adopted national street food and has been perfected in many places around town.

If however, you are looking for a true experience to go with quality, then there is one place in town worth checking out – Burek at Zagreb’s famous Dolac markets.

Owned by Anđelko Nikolovski, Burek has existed at its current address for over 30 years, although bureks have been sold at the same location for more than 60 years.

You know when the name of the place is simply just ‘Burek’ that the owners are not interested in frills. And doing ‘what is says on the tin’ well is what this place is about and what has kept it in business for decades.

Burek on Dolac has developed into a cult place among locals. Just like its name, Burek keeps the menu nice and simple too. Only burek with meat (the real burek), cheese and apple fillings are available to eat in or takeaway. Of course, you can also buy yoghurts to go with your burek.

Just like the exterior and interior, the prices at Burek never seem to change. The meat and cheese bureks are still the same price as 5 years ago (12 kn).

“Cheese bureks are the most popular and we sell the most of them, but meat is pretty close behind. The secret to a good burek is having a great chef!”, staff told us, adding that the place is busiest between 11 am and 2 pm every day.

So to get a feel of 1970s Zagreb, and enjoy in one of the juiciest, richest bureks in town, it is worth checking out this place just up the stairs at Dolac markets.


Address: Dolac 2

Menu: Burek with cheese – 12kn, burek with meat- 12 kn, apple burek – 10 kn, yoghurt – 3kn

Working hours: 7 am – 9 pm

Dolac (photo credit: trznice-zg.hr)

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