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Where to Cool Down with a Lake Swim in Zagreb?

Bundek (Photo credit: Ivo Biočina / Source: CNTB)

With temperatures expected to soar to 35°C next week, the Croatian capital can be a sticky place to be over the summer months.

If you are in the capital and wishing you were on the coast to have a dip to cool down, there are options. This week ‘Blue Flags’, symbols of eco-responsibility, signifying clean waters, were raised at two of the city’s most popular swimming spots.

Although not as idyllic as the Adriatic sea, cooling down is cooling down, so here are two spots you can hit if you are stuck in the city in the sweltering heat.


Jarun (Photo credit: Ivo Biočina / Source: CNTB)

Jarun is a 2km long artificial lake surrounded by cycling tracks, a promenade, forests, and parks. It’s located in the southwest part of Zagreb and you can get there by taking trams 5 or 17. It’s popular as the weather gets hot with the swimming season opening on 1 June. There are lifeguards on duty during the swimming season.

Jarun (Photo credit: Marko Vrdoljak / Zagreb Tourist Board)

Veliko Jezero (the big lake) is the part of the lake for rowing and windsurfing, while Malo Jezero (the small lake) is reserved for swimming, pedal boat rides, bars, and cafes.


Bundek (Photo credit: Ivo Biočina / Source: CNTB)

Bundek is located in Novi Zagreb north of Zapruđe and Središće neighborhoods. Since it was renovated in 2005 it’s a famous nature getaway. Besides the lake, there are cycling tracks, a promenade, and parks. There are contents for kids as well as for grown-ups – under the trees, you can find barbecues, which you can use for open-air parties.

Bundek (Photo credit: Marko Vrdoljak / Zagreb Tourist Board)

There are bars and cafes around the lake as well. During the summer people swim here and there are lifeguards on duty. Bundek is not as big as Jarun, however, it’s more accessible from the city center and it’s very charming. To get there take any bus from Glavni kolodvor and get out on the third stop.

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