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What is the easiest way to learn to speak Croatian?

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What is the easiest way to learn Croatian? We asked prof. Mihaela Naletilić Šego, a Croatian language teacher with years of experience in teaching Croatian as a foreign language. 

“I strongly believe in an individual approach to each student and always try to discover the most appropriate way of learning for each student. When learning a language, we should take a look at how kids learn – through play.

When it comes to learning Croatian there is no easy way of doing it, but there is a fun and interesting way. Learning should be fun, just like playing is.

Why not have fun while learning a new language? This is our guiding principle, so therefore in learning Croatian we prefer interesting, fun, interactive and flexible methods of teaching, with constant awareness of the student’s interests and desires,” says prof.Naletilić Šego, who is the founder of CRO to go.

CRO to go is a Croatian language school located in Zagreb which offers Croatian lessons in person as well as Croatian lessons ONLINE.

Whether you are a complete beginner or you would like to improve your Croatian through conversation classes, CRO to go courses are available to you at four appropriate levels:

CROstart for beginners, CROplus – if you already have some knowledge of Croatian, CROintensive – for fast-paced learning and CROtalk course – if you would like to improve your Croatian conversation skills.

For those staying in Zagreb only for a few days, and want to enrich their travelling experience, CRO to go is offering CROchat course – a unique and fun three day course of learning basics of Croatian language. How to order food in the restaurant? How to ask for help if you got lost in the streets of Zagreb? How to buy vegetables at the local market? You can learn by taking a CROchat course. 

What is the purpose of this course and how much new language can a person learn in such a short amount of time? We asked. 

“Our goal is to teach people how to speak Croatian in everyday life, and CROchat is a perfect way to get started with Croatian or simply to spend a few nice days in learning something that you’ve always wanted and apply that knowledge in everyday life situations,” says prof. Naletilić Šego.  

Whether you want to learn Croatian in CRO to go classroom located in Zagreb centre, in your office, or at your home, you can fit Croatian lessons in your everyday schedule. If you prefer learning Croatian ONLINE, there is a possibility of taking online Croatian courses in the comfort of your home. 

Finding your own, most suitable way of learning Croatian is the first step to successfully learning Croatian.

More information on CRO to go courses you can find on www.crotogo.hr or FB site CRO to go (education).

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