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[VIDEO] Watch Dinamo Zagreb Players Respond to Facebook Trolls


A comment by Mark Zuckerberg went viral this week after the Facebook founder responded to a dig at his ‘nerdiness’…

A grandmother this week left a comment on one of Zuckerberg’s post, saying she advises her granddaughters to “date the nerd in school” because “he may turn out to be a Mark Zuckerberg.”

The Facebook CEO decided to reply, which then went viral around the world.

“Even better would be to encourage them to ‘be’ the nerd in their school so they can be the next inventor successful inventor!”

The reply generated over 18,000 likes.

Facebook is loaded with trolls who love to give those in the limelight some stick. With the comfort of hiding behind a keyboard, the comments can be quiet offensive and cutting. A large part of the time trolls are ignored.

Croatian football champions Dinamo Zagreb however decided to give their players a chance recently to reply to some trolls. The club selected a host of abusive messages posted on their Facebook page, which has over 500,000 fans, and gave the players a chance to answer them.

They recorded the players response and posted it on YouTube.

Most are in English as the club’s foreign players respond to some flack, but we also have translated the responses in Croatian (in order of appearance below the video).

Marko Rog:

“Every time I am sad that my football career failed, I just remember that Marko Rog was the most expensive transfer in the Croatian league.”

“OK, that’s a good one”

Ante Ćorić:

“Watching Ante Ćorić in the Champions League was depressing. When Croatia was 3rd in the world he was just 1 years old. God, I am old.”

“I don’t know what to say, maybe you are not old and it is just that time is passing fast.

Domagoj Antolić:

“Domagoj Antolić is one of those players that all my friends say was the biggest ‘hole’ on the pitch even when he was statistically the best player.”

“I would also want to be statistically the best player and your friends saying that I was the biggest ‘hole’ on the pitch.”

Marko Pjaca:

“Marko Pjaca reminds me of Cristiano Ronaldo, only younger, slower, and with a worse haircut.”


Marko Rog:

“How many girls have you chatted up using the line that you are the most expensive transfer in Croatian domestic history. One or two?”

“I have not used that line on one girl.”

Ante Ćorić:

“Out of everything in Croatian football, what concerns me the most is Ante Ćorić’s goal celebrations. What is with his head?

“I don’t know. Nothing is with my head, it is just what I do when I celebrate. Its my thing.”

Domagoj Antolić:

“If I was to compare Domagoj Antolić with a super hero I would definitely be Captain America. It’s all good with him, nevertheless I would not watch him without Hulk.”

“Nevertheless I am a super hero.”

Marko Pjaca:

“I would like to ask Marko Pjaca which is harder – to sit on the bench against Bayern or to force his bead to grow.”

“Both of them.”

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