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VIDEO: Step into the past and explore Mljet’s rich history and heritage

Mljet (Photo: Ivan Bagic)

The history and heritage of the island of Mljet is highlighted in the third edition of the new video series from the Mljet Tourist Board – “Explore Mljet.” After delving into the gastro scene and the offer for active tourists in the first two videos now it is the turn of the rich heritage of the island of Mljet to feature. 

This idyllic island in the Adriatic Sea, nestled off the coast of Croatia, is renowned for its pristine nature, but its historical significance often goes unnoticed. Through stunning visuals and compelling storytelling, the video showcases the island’s remarkable past, shedding light on its cultural heritage and inviting visitors to explore the hidden treasures of Mljet.

The promo video delves deep into the ancient roots of Mljet, revealing its significance since the Neolithic era. Viewers are transported to archaeological sites where traces of early settlements and ancient ruins speak of the island’s long and storied past. From the Illyrians to the Greeks and Romans, Mljet has been influenced by various civilizations, each leaving their mark on its cultural fabric.

Viewers are treated to glimpses of medieval architecture, fortified walls, and charming stone villages that evoke a sense of stepping back in time. The island’s strategic location made it a thriving trading hub, contributing to its prosperity and cultural exchange.

Throughout the video, the Mljet Tourist Board emphasizes the importance of preserving and promoting the island’s cultural heritage. By showcasing the historical sites, the video aims to create awareness and appreciation for Mljet’s rich past among visitors from around the world. It encourages travellers to delve beyond the island’s natural wonders and explore the hidden gems of its history.

By showcasing its ancient roots, medieval splendour, and monastic serenity, the video invites visitors to embark on a journey of discovery. Mljet’s historical significance, often overshadowed by its natural beauty, comes to life, urging travellers to explore its hidden treasures and immerse themselves in the island’s rich cultural heritage. With this engaging promotional tool, the Mljet Tourist Board aims to inspire curiosity and ignite a deeper connection to this enchanting Adriatic gem.

The “Active Mljet” video series, produced in collaboration with renowned production company LMT Studio from Dubrovnik, brings to life the island’s incredible outdoor experiences.

The “Active Mljet” episode, along with upcoming episodes of the “Explore Mljet” series, can be viewed on the Mljet Tourist Board’s official YouTube channel – video below.

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